Highly skilled artist

Aries Tattoo founded by Mandeep and Ayaan. Both in the Tattoo industry for more than 4 years, is very experienced nationally. In addition, we also have a Tattoo artist team, each of which has special skills and characters, and is always passionate about producing a tattoo masterpiece at any time.


Founder and Lead Artist

My name is Mandeep and I’m 21 years old. I’ve been working in tattoo industry since 4 years.
Since the starting, I was very fascinated how people had unique tattoos representing different ideas and designs with beautiful colours. Then I researched about it and came to know that tattoo art is actually very popular. People were crazy for tattoos. This made me more inquisitive towards it. So I chose this path and now I’m here, working as a tatoo artist since 4 years!
It’s my aim to do great in this tattoo industry. I want to visit different countries and showcase my tattoo art there. I always wish to organize tattoo events, visit tattoo conventions and would love to participate in every tattoo festival.
Previously, I was working in TattooInkFixers and learned alot from there. But I always wanted to stand on my own and wished that people know me as a great tattoo artist. So I decided to open my own tattoo studio: Aries tattoo.
The only motive behind opening my own studio was to make people happy with my tattoo art.
As a tattoo artist, client statisfaction and making them happy is the only motive I had. And that’s what we, at Aries tattoo, always follow. At Aries tattoo, our first preference is always the client’s ideas and the designs they wish to have.
Keeping client’s ideas and thoughts before ours is what makes us special!


Founder and Lead Artist

My name is Ayaan and I’m 23 years old. I’ve been working in tattoo industry since 3 years.
As a child, I always loved to do art and painting. People always appreciated me how I was good at my art, showing my ideas in form of art and colours.
Then my brother opened a tattoo studio. He always knew how I loved to do art and how much I was good at it. So he decided to teach me doing tattoos.
Doing tattoos was a different experience for me. But I really liked how we can represent our thoughts and ideas in form of tattoos with beautiful colours. So I practiced hard for 6 months. Practicing made me more perfect and made me love the tattoo art. And now I’m here, working as a tattoo artist since 3 years.
It’m my aim to become more perfect in my work so that people know me as a great tattoo artist.


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